Lake Quotient

What's Your Lake Quotient (LQ)?

Do you think you know Androscoggin Lake?

Compare your answers to the answers given in this answer sheet. Or, if you prefer, take the quiz.

Correct responses are in bold. Accuracy is based on available information and is not necessarily guaranteed.

  1. Approximately how many acres comprise Androscoggin Lake?
    • 2000 acres 3300 acres 4000 acres
  2. What is the greatest width of Androscoggin Lake?
    • 2.5 miles 2.8 miles 3 miles 
  3. What is the greatest length of the lake?
    • 4 miles 4.5 miles 5 miles 
  4. What is the mean depth of the lake?
    • 15 feet 20 feet 25 feet 30 feet 40 feet 
  5. What is the length of the Dead River?
    • 3 miles 4 miles 5 miles 6 miles 7 miles 8 miles 
  6. What two towns share Androscoggin Lake?
    • WayneLeeds
  7. What is the original town name of Leeds?
    • Littleton Leeds Paperton 
  8. What is the original town name of Wayne?
    • Wayne New Sandwich Wayne Mills 
  9. Which family owns Lothrop Island?
    • Saunders Lothrop Smith 
  10. Name the four islands on Androscoggin Lake.

    The four islands on Androscoggin Lake are Lothrop, Blodgett, Norris, and Androscoggin.

  11. Name three of the 16 lakes or ponds in the Thirty Mile River watershed which stretch from Vienna to Monmouth.

    The 16 lakes in the Thirty Mile River watershed are Moody, Kimball, Davis, Flying, Whittier, Parker, Minnehonk, David, Basin, Tilton, Echo, Crotched, Lovejoy, Pickerel, Pocasset, and Androscoggin.

  12. How many unwanted invasive aquatic plants are on the watch list in Maine?
    • 4 plants 8 plants 11 plants
  13. How many Maine waterbodies are known to have infestations of invasive aquatic plants?
    • 8 12 29
  14. What is the natural layer of twigs, pine needles, and leaves called?
    • rough duff scruff 
  15. What is the nutrient we want to reduce in the run-off?
    • Nitrogen Phosphorus Magnesium 
  16. How far from the high water mark of any great pond does one measure to determine the Shoreland Zone?
    • 75 feet 100 feet 250 feet
  17. What distance constitutes the Buffer Area within the Shoreland Zone?
    • 25 feet 75 feet 100 feet 
  18. By what year must landowners, towns, road associations, etc. come into compliance with the Maine Erosion and Sediment Control Law?
    • 2008 2010 2012 
  19. In what year was ALIC formed?
    • 1955 1971 1999 



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