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July 11, 2004, Citizen activist group forming to push for river improvement, Bonnie Washuk, Sun Journal

July 4, 2004, Dual Personality Rules River, Grace Murphy, Portland Press Herald

June 30, 2004, Environmentalists, mill manager discuss emissions, dioxin in fish, Rumford Falls Times

June 27, 2004, Phosphorus may help plants a little, but it hurts lakes a lot, Tom Atwell, Portland Press Herald

March 3, 2004, Dioxin levels fall in some fish, Meredith Goad, Portland Press Herald

August 4, 2001, The Nesting Mystery: Eagle enigma puzzles those who watch lakes, Michael Reagan,

October 30, 2003, Maine Groups Join Nationwide BE SAFE Campaign to Protect Children√Ęs Health from Toxic Chemicals (Word document)

October 21, 2003, Groups: Safety burden should fall on industry

August 9, 2002, Work slated soon on Dead River dam, Gary Remal,

The Androscoggin Lake Association says the dam is trapping polluted river water, John Plestina, Sun Journal

Androscoggin Lake cleaner after year with flashboards, Gail Geraghty, Sun Journal

The teacher and student are conducting studies on the water quality of the Androscoggin, Sun Journal

Papermaking chemical spilled into Androscoggin, Sun Journal

A tale of two rivers: A cleaner Kennebec makes the Androscoggin look that much worse by comparison, Sun Journal

A paper company representative says there is no reason to protect fish that aren't there, Bonnie Washuk, Sun Journal

Environmental leader Brownie Carson pledges to fight for a cleaner river, Daniel Hartill, Sun Journal

Not a drop to drink: Cities test water quality in storm-swollen Androscoggin, Scott Taylor, Sun Journal



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