July 14, 2014

Scavenger Hunt – less than two weeks remaining …

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There are just 12 days remaining before the 2014 ALIC Scavenger Hunt deadline on July 26th.

Register now for this really cool event, so that we can get your photos of “scavenged items” uploaded prior to the deadline!

Remember, too, entries in the Scavenger Hunt can be submitted as either new photos or as photos from the past …  we’ll even scan your old photos and upload them to the website for you!   If you’re not comfortable registering or uploading photos online, just send a message to or call Buddy at (207)-320-5720.

Check out the category list.

Spread the word … tell your friends and neighbors about the Scavenger Hunt, and encourage them to participate.  This event is open to everyone with an interest in the lake;   membership in ALIC is not a requirement.

We are looking forward to seeing your photos both at the ALIC Annual Meeting on August 9th and online at the 2014 ALIC Scavenger Hunt slideshow!

July 7, 2014

Volunteer as a CBI

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Courtesy Boat Inspectors are needed at launch sites on Androscoggin Lake to help prevent the introduction of invasive aquatic plants. ALIC contracts with 30 Mile River Watershed Association for partial weekend coverage, but more eyes are needed during the week. Training is provided as well as a t-shirt for those on duty. “Early birds” are especially welcome for a 2-hour morning shift, but other times are also available. Please contact us to join the CBI team! Thanks!

June 29, 2014

Volunteer to help keep invasives OUT

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Help keep invasives out of Androscoggin Lake!

Early detection is critical to preventing infestations of invasive aquatic plants and other organisms.   On the morning of July 5th, a small group of  us will head out on the lake to survey plants along a small segment of shoreline.   We will collect aquatic plant samples in the area, then meet up to identify what we have found.

Volunteer to help keep our lake healthy by joining us for what is always a fun time.   Contact us at or 207-320-5720 for more information or to sign up for this or for future such events.

June 1, 2014

Summer Scavenger Hunt

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The lake association is sponsoring a Scavenger Hunt this summer, from June 1 to July 26. Everyone in the lake community can enroll – you don’t have to be an ALIC member or even a lake resident to participate in this fun and informative activity. Instead of collecting objects, you’ll be taking photographs of things from a list of categories and uploading them to your contestant gallery. There will be a photo display at our ALIC annual meeting on Aug. 9 and prizes will be awarded. Full details are in the ALIC 2014 newsletter – now available on our website and coming soon to your mailbox. Enroll today at Camera ready? Happy hunting!

2014 ALIC Newsletter now online

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This summer’s edition of The ALIC News is now online:

Lots of lake-related information awaits your reading as well as details about our Summer Scavenger Hunt. And, of course, there’s also a form for you to renew your membership or to join ALIC today. So, get in the loop, get involved, and get ready for another great summer on Androscoggin Lake. P.S. Mark your calendars for the ALIC annual meeting on Sat., Aug. 9. Thanks for your support; we look forward to seeing you soon!

March 1, 2014

Two bills in Augusta need our support

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Lake lovers are being encouraged to immediately contact their Maine legislators to urge their support of two bills: LD 1626 and LD 1744. The first would provide financial support of clean-up efforts in lakes infested with invasive species by calling for a $5 increase in the annual “Milfoil Sticker” fee for boaters. This fee has remained the same since it was implemented 13 years ago. The second, LD 1744, is multi-faceted but includes action plans to improve enforcement of shoreland zoning regulations, sustain the LakeSmart program, restore needed personnel to the DEP, and ban the use of fertilizers within 25 feet of the water.
To learn more, visit and
Find your legislators by town at:
Thanks for your consideration.

September 27, 2012

August “save” at Wayne launch

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A Courtesy Boat Inspector working for ALIC and the 30 Mile River Watershed Assoc at the State launch in Wayne has been credited with a “save” in early August. Vanessa R. detected a dried fragment of a suspicious plant caught under the carpeted bunker of a Vermont boat trailer exiting the lake and turned it over to her CBI coordinator for a closer look. The fragment was delivered to the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) in Auburn who confirmed that it was Eurasian Water Milfoil, one of the species on the state watch list of invasive plants. The boater had most recently been on Lake Champlain in Vermont which is heavily infested with the milfoil. We are hopeful that no portion of the plant dropped into the lake, but our survey team will be monitoring the area closely for any possible infestation.
Property owners, ALIC members, and others with an interest in Androscoggin Lake are being advised of the incident and encouraged to become informed about the threat of invasives and to join in the effort to protect the lake.

July 13, 2012

Milfoil catch by Courtesy Boat Inspector

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Word has been received that a possible “save” was made by Courtesy Boat Inspector Vanessa R. at the State launch in Wayne the weekend of June 30-July 1. The largely-disintegrated but suspicious plant was removed from a Massachusetts boat and turned over to the VLMP (Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program) for further identification. While it bore many of the features of the invasive variable water milfoil, these characteristics also present themselves in a couple of the native milfoils. Because the specimen was in such poor condition, it was not possible to more closely identify it. Still, Vanessa’s effort is being regarded as a “possible save” and underscores the importance of increasing the presence of Courtesy Boat Inspectors (volunteers needed to take 2-hr. shifts) as well as encouraging all boaters to inspect their equipment both prior to entering and upon leaving a waterbody. Come learn more about CBI at the ALIC Summer Seminar on Monday, July 16, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Ladd Center in Wayne.

June 10, 2012

Lake Flooding report 6-7-12

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Lake Flooding 6-7-12 report

See what’s happening at the dam and how it’s impacting Androscoggin Lake.

June 4, 2012

Lake flooding!

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As if last week’s rain weren’t enough, we’ve been deluged this weekend with torrential downpours. The result: Androscoggin River water pouring over the dam; Dead River expanded into Riverbend Campground lowlands; Lake Androscoggin at early spring levels. Forecast includes additional rain until Thursday. Below are Ian’s notes from his observations:

• The Androscoggin River was going down prior 6/2, allowing Lake Androscoggin to drop at a rate of almost an inch a day all last week.
• According to the gauge at Rumford, between 6/2-6/4 the Androscoggin river rose 9+ feet in that 48 hours.
• The Dead River gauge shows that the Lake side has risen 3+ feet in that 48 hours period. Waters from the A-River are probably coming back over the Dead River Dam ( I’ll visually confirm asap) along with all the other tributaries having peaked sometime on 6/3
• The Lake (as of 6:00pm 6/3) has risen roughly 1.5 feet since Friday
• The Androscoggin River will need to drop at least 8 feet to achieve any significant out flow

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