October 8, 2014

Gauge on the Dead River retired by the USGS

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Unfortunately, the USGS gauge on the Dead River will be taken out of service on October 31, 2014.

Since 2003, this gauge has provided many of us with valuable data regarding the level of our lake.   Both historical and instantaneous lake level data has been available at the USGS site.  The ALIC website,, includes a link to the USGS page for this gauge.

The USGS page for the Dead River gauge currently includes the following alert:

Due to lack of funding, data from this station will be discontinued on October 31, 2014. Please contact Greg Stewart at 207-622-8201 x118 or for any questions.

ALIC has already taken steps to capture and save as much of this data as possible for archival purposes.  But, if you want to take advantage of the full set of analytical tools available at the USGS site, our understanding is that you must do it before October 31.


John (Buddy) Cummings
Secretary, Androscoggin Lake Improvement Corporation (ALIC)

June 10, 2012

Lake Flooding report 6-7-12

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Lake Flooding 6-7-12 report

See what’s happening at the dam and how it’s impacting Androscoggin Lake.

June 4, 2012

Lake flooding!

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As if last week’s rain weren’t enough, we’ve been deluged this weekend with torrential downpours. The result: Androscoggin River water pouring over the dam; Dead River expanded into Riverbend Campground lowlands; Lake Androscoggin at early spring levels. Forecast includes additional rain until Thursday. Below are Ian’s notes from his observations:

• The Androscoggin River was going down prior 6/2, allowing Lake Androscoggin to drop at a rate of almost an inch a day all last week.
• According to the gauge at Rumford, between 6/2-6/4 the Androscoggin river rose 9+ feet in that 48 hours.
• The Dead River gauge shows that the Lake side has risen 3+ feet in that 48 hours period. Waters from the A-River are probably coming back over the Dead River Dam ( I’ll visually confirm asap) along with all the other tributaries having peaked sometime on 6/3
• The Lake (as of 6:00pm 6/3) has risen roughly 1.5 feet since Friday
• The Androscoggin River will need to drop at least 8 feet to achieve any significant out flow

Dam maintenance

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Here’s a report from Ian regarding recent maintenance work at the Dead River dam.
• May 12: Ian, Cindy MacDonald 3+Hours Usual debris logs, Dead Golden Retriever stuck on the racks, worked until exhausted created 40% outflow, pulled dog to the ramps in hope of the corps drying out for easier removal. Smashed my rear-windshield out when backing out so no bare feet folks.
• May 16: Ian ,Brandon Harris 1+ hours Continued on out-flow until dark, dead dog smelling bad
• May 17: Ian 2.5 Hours created 75% outflow in rack #2
• May 18: Ian, Brandon 2 Hours removed Dead dog buried him in McNear field with John Nutting’s permission. Create 85% outflow on both racks
• still a 20′ log tied off that needs to be pulled out.
• water flowing good but we should be cleaning the racks every 24 – 48 hours
Ian Barclay

November 30, 2011

Fall Maintenance at Dam

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  • Nov. 20, 2011:  Ian Barclay & Cindy MacDonald 3.5 Hours; removed debris, logs, lumber etc.  both racks @ 85% flow, lake has been dropping since and will continue returning to maintain outflow throughout Nov/Dec/Jan
  • PLEASE take in any floats, docks, piers, etc. still in the water to avoid future impediments at the dam and to reduce risk to snowmobilers this winter.   

July 16, 2009

Water Levels and Dam Maintainence update

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Greetings All’        Seems weather and logistics once again brought us to crisis high water levels last week.  The Lake rose as much as an inch per day between June 19th and July 10th. The lake was at a higher-than-normal level before June 19th, making for flood conditions across the lake including the River Delta being flooded out, Riverbend Campgrounds camp site flooded out, Beaverbrook Campground was forced to move campers from their sites as well as docks, and I was forced to cancel several annual Windsurfing clinics because our property is under water.

    The good news is the Androscoggin River levels ( which rose 7 feet between June 19th and July 10th)  dropped 4+ feet on July 9th-11th allowing water to leave the lake at a rate of almost 1 inch per day.

     This fortunate, yet heavy, Spring~like outflow of waters will require us to keep a consistant watch on the dam for blockage (debris and logs build up quickly with high water pressure) over the next 60+ days  so we don’t end up in the same situation again with more rains (please NO)  or Tropical systems this Fall.

  Anyone available to help either with manual labor or just to stop out and visually access and report on dam conditions please call Ian at 577-3671 or Bill 685-9306. 

  •      Sunday July 12th:  Ian and Bruce 2+ Hours cleaning both racks and removing impending logs from the lagoon.  Used the new winch for the first time.  The winch was very helpful in pulling huge logs up the ramp without having to call in heavy equipment.  Thank You for the Winch !!
  •     Tuesday July 14th  Ian 1 hour:  Removed built up debris from racks, several larger pieces ( 2 man) against the racks still need to be removed.


July 1, 2009

Dam 6/09

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    It must have been the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend that I last spent 3+ hours cleaning the dam,  Due to the rains currents were neutral, making it possible to move logs as large as 24″ in diameter by hand.  I must have moved 15+ bails of woven debris, all by hand and numerous logs.

  When a log is large, we can get them to the edge of the ramp but are not able to move them up the ramp without mechanical assistance in the form of winch, truck, or heavy equipment.

    I left @ 10 logs on the ramp. If someone has moved them THANK YOU, if not.. they are back in the river and we’ll need to move them again once the outflow is possible which at the moment, appears nowhere in site.

   The lake has been rising @ an inch per day for a while now. The Water level  is up into the woods on Frenchman’s Cove as of 7/1. 

    Once the Monsoon season passes we’ll need to keep close, daily visual checks on the dam, a close eye on the gauge,  and be poised for some work-parties-on-short-notice, as it is going to take a concerted effort to get the Lake lowered to healthy levels.

  Ian Barclay 7/1/09

June 16, 2009


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5/29/07  7:pm    1+ hour  Aaron, Chris, and Ian Barclay

 After Saturdays work party we had 100% flow, upon returning we had @ 75-80% but were able to remove all logs and debris and achieve 100% again.

 We plan to be following up within 48 hours. Rains in forecast.


May 8, 2009

Spring 09 Dam Maintenance

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  Sunday May 3rd. No significant winter Damage (YEA!!)   Bill and Ian did some December work that probably helped to avoid problems.

 Erosion has continued on several seams.

Over the last 45 days or so Marc K & Ian have held several (semi-weekly) cleaning sessions.

All typical stuff stuck in the racks (Logs, Brush, Dead Fish, etc) with the exception of an ENTIRE wardrobe of clothing. Juniors, Misses, Lingerie, and Casual, all of these fashion flashbacks appeared to be headed for the Goodwill might have gotten tossed off one of the Bridges.  Thank somebody for us…

 Of course the clothes really slowed water flow and was really quite hard to pick out with pike poles but we think we got it all. 

  Naturally discovering the first item was a bit freaky for us ….  asking ourselves where is the person is that is supposed to be wearing said T-Shirt and/or will they come up next..

  Weekly work will need to be continued for now.. anyone interested can call Ian 577-3671.  

  the Aforementioned help always includes randomn visual inspections and status updates so please, anyone with time to drive out, please let us know that you are available and we’ll coordinate our efforts.

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