December 15, 2008

Bowdoin College Geology Class presents research

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Since early August, the geology class of Prof. Peter Lea, Bowdoin College, has been conducting a research project examining the Androscoggin Lake-Dead River system.   As described by one of the lead students, “the project is an interesting/challenging mix of the geologic history of the delta, going back to the retreat of the glaciers, and the environment problems occurring more recently.”

The class will share its findings in a presentation hosted by ALIC at the Leeds Municipal Building on Tuesday,  Dec. 16, 2008, between 3:30 and 5:00.  During this time, there will be opportunity to peruse the poster displays and to speak with the student authors.  At 4:00 a brief Power Point presentation will be offered.     All interested persons are cordially invited.

November 3, 2008

Dam maintainence Fall 08

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      As per ususal the cleaning of the racks on the dam has been a weekly effort this Fall. The late July~early August rains created some problems with large logs and water-locked rack panels that we were not able to remove for mor e than 60 days, limiting outflow.

On October 25th a driving rain created enough back flow to release these problem items back in the Lake-side lagoon over the following week, allowing opportunity to knock, and we were able to get the racks cleared and reach 90% outflow, detailed in the following:

November 1st   Ian 1.5 hours Removed all medium (one man size) logs, panels, Lumber and debris in preparation for larger work party.

November 2nd      Ian, Bruce, Bill Messer 3.75 hours    Ian, working with drysuit, hand removed the floatilla of leaves, debris, and small logs which had accumulated in a mass against the racks. 2 + hours in the water. Yes, that water is “Brisk”.

Meanwhile Bruce did road maintainence and then pulled numerous large logs out of the water with a truck and chains.

Two major logs (20” x 18′ and 3 trunk 35′)  that had been problems since March were once again impending, Ian swam out and tied them off, while Bruce and Bill co-ordinated the chain, lines, truck pull, and chainsaw and were able to get all out of the water.  The largest of which still rests on the Dam’s  apron as the mass of which was too much for the truck to pull.

Most of the folliage that creates blockage has now fallen, just the same we will need regular checks between now and when the ice freezes to maintain maximum outflow.  This will be mostly leaves, sticks, and debris using a pike pole (not too physical, just time consuming)  anyone is welcome to pop over and pick at these or even just call us with reports.  Ian can be reached at 577-3671

July 18, 2008

Members Mingle at Annual Meeting

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These new neighbors from the Leeds side of the lake got better acquainted last year at the ALIC annual meeting. This year’s gathering is Saturday morning, August 16, at the Yacht Club in Wayne. Potluck breakfast at 8:30, business meeting follows. You’re invited!

June 14, 2008

Dam Maintainence June 14th 08

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   Seems the Androscoggin River rose 3+ feet on or around June 11th, so we are back to taking on Androscoggin River water since 6/11 and will continue for what looks like at least a few more days at best.

   Also, it  seems vandals are having fun stealing the plastic Pin caps at the dam.   I could understand taking one cap off to use the pin as a drink holder, and even another to “mount” a fishing pole, however, when 30 are gone, this is blatant disrespect of the dam and abuse of the Lake Association, Mr Taylor, and Mr McNear’s good nature to allow individuals to fish at the dam.

  Offically, the signage forbids any trespass, all the above mentioned parties have been lenient in enforcing the rule, because  noone really wants to mess with a man’s fishin’

   How can we get this dealt with ??

June 13, 2008

Dam Maintainence June 08

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  Simply put, there have been too many work parties from March 1st until now to accurately list all the efforts made by volunteers at the dam this season. As of 6/7 the water level is nearing 271′ and barring any torrential rains we should be looking good for all interests in regard to water levels within the next few weeks.  Anyone interested in volunteering please call 207-577-3671

Ian Barclay 6/13/08

April 9, 2008

Dam Maintainence March 08

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    Sunday March 30th  Mark & Ian 1.5 hours,  Typical removal of debris (and a plastic Snow Board) creating 100% flow on rack #2 and 85% on #1,

Friday April 5th  Mark and Ian 1 hour,  Removed triple trunk and root tree (18′) that had been stuck against the dam.

Removed typical debris.

Tied Off an 20+ foot triple trunk with root that was impending.  This one will be a problem if it ends up against the racks.  This one will need to be cut up in order to move it effectively.

October 30, 2007

Dam Maintainence 10/30/07

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Sunday Oct 14th  Ian 1 hour Removed various debris form Lake side of Dam

Sunday Oct 21st  Bruce & Ian  2.5 hours removed panels form sluice racks and removed various logs and debris, leaves are a accumulative problem. We removed a 14 ft log from the river but were only able to pull it to the side of the ramp with Bruces vehicle.

Sunday Oct 28th  Marc, Ian, and Ethan Huntington arrival 10:30 am departure 1:45

The mass of leaves have accumlated on the surface against the racks as well as submerged leaves accumulating at the foot of the racks.  Wearing wetsuit,gloves,etc Ian was able to stand on a mass of leave 2-4 ft high and 3 -4 feet thick as Ian worked to pass the leaves all through the sluice rack.   Marc and Ethan picked away at the logs and other debris with pike poles and hand tools After 2+ hours standing in waste/ chest deep water 98% of the leaves blocking the racks and filling the lagoon had been passed through the racks by hand.  Unfortuneately I expect more soon.

   Using a  come-a-long (supplied by Riverbend)  Marc was able to open the #1 barn door to help pass the leaves, small logs, 2×4,  and debris down stream.  Marc was also able to pull a rather large difficult log for the river side with his truck.

   There are leaves on the deck that need to be shoveled up before the Lake side rises much more.

   The Andro river rose 3 ft between Friday 10/26 and Midnight Saturday and (according to the Rumford guage) dropped back down those three feet by  10/30. We should see that drop at the dam shortly and will have to monitor the flow every few days for November into December.

August 26, 2007

Our members

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Who joins ALIC?   Summer residents, year-round lake dwellers,  townspeople who enjoy the lake, seasonal visitors – anyone who  wants to support our efforts to “preserve and protect” Androscoggin Lake.   Memberships range from $20 (individual) to $100 (benefactor), but any and all donations are gratefully acknowledged and tax deductible.    Mail to:  ALIC, P.O. Box 307, Wayne, ME  04284    Thank you so very much for your support!

July 18, 2007

Typical Dam Maintainence task

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Up-righted log                                           This photo exhibits a typical 12+ ‘ log “up-righted” against the sluce racks of the dam. The water on the Lake Side is 6+ Feet higher than that on the Androscoggin River side on this day which meant there was thousands of pounds a water pressure on this saturated piece of hardwood. Removing require three men, hand tools, come-a-long, and once removed, cutting it up in oredr to move it far enough to be disposed of.  Logs of this size are typical and arrive as often as every few days.

Late May Log Entries

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5/23  Aaron and Ian Barclay 1/2 hour: removed logs increased flow marginally

5/26  Tony Look, Frank Wotton, Ian  1.5 hours.  Removed 12 ft 16inch diameter water logged log with come-along plus usual debris and logs.  Flow near 100% capacity when we left Saturday.

Gauge reading water dropping 5+ inches per day for the last few days.

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