July 16, 2009

Water Levels and Dam Maintainence update

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Greetings All’        Seems weather and logistics once again brought us to crisis high water levels last week.  The Lake rose as much as an inch per day between June 19th and July 10th. The lake was at a higher-than-normal level before June 19th, making for flood conditions across the lake including the River Delta being flooded out, Riverbend Campgrounds camp site flooded out, Beaverbrook Campground was forced to move campers from their sites as well as docks, and I was forced to cancel several annual Windsurfing clinics because our property is under water.

    The good news is the Androscoggin River levels ( which rose 7 feet between June 19th and July 10th)  dropped 4+ feet on July 9th-11th allowing water to leave the lake at a rate of almost 1 inch per day.

     This fortunate, yet heavy, Spring~like outflow of waters will require us to keep a consistant watch on the dam for blockage (debris and logs build up quickly with high water pressure) over the next 60+ days  so we don’t end up in the same situation again with more rains (please NO)  or Tropical systems this Fall.

  Anyone available to help either with manual labor or just to stop out and visually access and report on dam conditions please call Ian at 577-3671 or Bill 685-9306. 

  •      Sunday July 12th:  Ian and Bruce 2+ Hours cleaning both racks and removing impending logs from the lagoon.  Used the new winch for the first time.  The winch was very helpful in pulling huge logs up the ramp without having to call in heavy equipment.  Thank You for the Winch !!
  •     Tuesday July 14th  Ian 1 hour:  Removed built up debris from racks, several larger pieces ( 2 man) against the racks still need to be removed.


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