July 1, 2009

Dam 6/09

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    It must have been the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend that I last spent 3+ hours cleaning the dam,  Due to the rains currents were neutral, making it possible to move logs as large as 24″ in diameter by hand.  I must have moved 15+ bails of woven debris, all by hand and numerous logs.

  When a log is large, we can get them to the edge of the ramp but are not able to move them up the ramp without mechanical assistance in the form of winch, truck, or heavy equipment.

    I left @ 10 logs on the ramp. If someone has moved them THANK YOU, if not.. they are back in the river and we’ll need to move them again once the outflow is possible which at the moment, appears nowhere in site.

   The lake has been rising @ an inch per day for a while now. The Water level  is up into the woods on Frenchman’s Cove as of 7/1. 

    Once the Monsoon season passes we’ll need to keep close, daily visual checks on the dam, a close eye on the gauge,  and be poised for some work-parties-on-short-notice, as it is going to take a concerted effort to get the Lake lowered to healthy levels.

  Ian Barclay 7/1/09

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