May 8, 2009

Spring 09 Dam Maintenance

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  Sunday May 3rd. No significant winter Damage (YEA!!)   Bill and Ian did some December work that probably helped to avoid problems.

 Erosion has continued on several seams.

Over the last 45 days or so Marc K & Ian have held several (semi-weekly) cleaning sessions.

All typical stuff stuck in the racks (Logs, Brush, Dead Fish, etc) with the exception of an ENTIRE wardrobe of clothing. Juniors, Misses, Lingerie, and Casual, all of these fashion flashbacks appeared to be headed for the Goodwill might have gotten tossed off one of the Bridges.  Thank somebody for us…

 Of course the clothes really slowed water flow and was really quite hard to pick out with pike poles but we think we got it all. 

  Naturally discovering the first item was a bit freaky for us ….  asking ourselves where is the person is that is supposed to be wearing said T-Shirt and/or will they come up next..

  Weekly work will need to be continued for now.. anyone interested can call Ian 577-3671.  

  the Aforementioned help always includes randomn visual inspections and status updates so please, anyone with time to drive out, please let us know that you are available and we’ll coordinate our efforts.

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