June 15, 2016

Statement from ALIC Submitted to the Wayne Planning Board

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Androscoggin Lake Improvement Corp. (ALIC) met on Monday June 14, 2016 at our regular monthly meeting to discuss the Planning Board’s current Application for Special Exception Permit submitted by Kristin Angell and Andrew Hench to operate a seasonal boat rental business.  ALIC strongly encourages the Planning Board consider the following criteria in issuing a permit:

Some criteria should be:

  1. Require a washing boat facility similar to Winthrop’s Norcross Point to prevent invasive plants from entering the Lake watershed;
  2. Require that owners use their boat wash to safely wash all boats prior to being stored at their facility;
  3. Require owners to receive courtesy boat inspector training;
  4. Require that all rental boats be inspected for any plant materials at launches at the time of take out from any water body;
  5. Require that any plant materials found on any boats be safely removed and contained as per CBI training guidelines;
  6. Require boat rental clients receive information on invasive plants;
  7. Require best management practices to prevent oil, fuel and bilge water from entering the Lake watershed;
  8. Require all major boat repairs completed off site;
  9. Require all boat fueling off-site;
  10. Require a vegetative buffer to screen the business from adjoining properties;

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  1. Thank you to ALIC ! Excellent points but who will enforce these important provisions when the boat rental owners are already operating their business without a permit? Did I mention this was a scenic area that will now be redone do as commercial?


    Comment by Katherine Mahoney — June 15, 2016 @ 7:27 pm

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