June 4, 2012

Lake flooding!

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As if last week’s rain weren’t enough, we’ve been deluged this weekend with torrential downpours. The result: Androscoggin River water pouring over the dam; Dead River expanded into Riverbend Campground lowlands; Lake Androscoggin at early spring levels. Forecast includes additional rain until Thursday. Below are Ian’s notes from his observations:

• The Androscoggin River was going down prior 6/2, allowing Lake Androscoggin to drop at a rate of almost an inch a day all last week.
• According to the gauge at Rumford, between 6/2-6/4 the Androscoggin river rose 9+ feet in that 48 hours.
• The Dead River gauge shows that the Lake side has risen 3+ feet in that 48 hours period. Waters from the A-River are probably coming back over the Dead River Dam ( I’ll visually confirm asap) along with all the other tributaries having peaked sometime on 6/3
• The Lake (as of 6:00pm 6/3) has risen roughly 1.5 feet since Friday
• The Androscoggin River will need to drop at least 8 feet to achieve any significant out flow

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