June 4, 2012

Dam maintenance

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Here’s a report from Ian regarding recent maintenance work at the Dead River dam.
• May 12: Ian, Cindy MacDonald 3+Hours Usual debris logs, Dead Golden Retriever stuck on the racks, worked until exhausted created 40% outflow, pulled dog to the ramps in hope of the corps drying out for easier removal. Smashed my rear-windshield out when backing out so no bare feet folks.
• May 16: Ian ,Brandon Harris 1+ hours Continued on out-flow until dark, dead dog smelling bad
• May 17: Ian 2.5 Hours created 75% outflow in rack #2
• May 18: Ian, Brandon 2 Hours removed Dead dog buried him in McNear field with John Nutting’s permission. Create 85% outflow on both racks
• still a 20′ log tied off that needs to be pulled out.
• water flowing good but we should be cleaning the racks every 24 – 48 hours
Ian Barclay

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