Androscoggin Lake Association

The mission of the Androscoggin Lake Association (ALIC) is to preserve and protect Androscoggin Lake.

About Androscoggin Lake

Beautiful Androscoggin Lake, a 4000 acre lake in Wayne and Leeds, is an unusual wildlife habitat for several endangered species, abundant and popular fishery, home for rare plant communities, and important recreational resource in Central Maine.

About the Androscoggin Lake Association

The Androscoggin Lake Association incorporated in 1980 with the name Androscoggin Lake Improvement Corporation (ALIC). We have grown to over 120 member families and supporters. The organization is proud to be recognized as a strong environmental advocacy group and innovative lake association.

Our lake association is very closely affiliated with the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP), the Maine Lakes Society, and the 30 Mile River Watershed Association. A portion of all membership donations and other contributions go to support all three of these organizations each year.

The association that we have with the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) supports both our water quality monitoring program and our program for monitoring the lake for potentially invasive aquatic plants.

The Maine Lakes Society provides resources and support for all lake associations in the state of Maine. They are well known for their Lake Smart program, of which many of our lake residents have already taken advantage.

Androscoggin Lake is the last water body in what was once considered a single 30 mile long river. The story goes that early French and English settlements damed up parts of this river in places that we know today as Mount Vernon, Fayette, and Wayne, resulting in the creation of several lakes and streams in their path. The many lakes, dams, and streams created by early western settlements persist today. And, the 30 Mile River Watershed Association serves today to help protect all water bodies in this, our watershed.

Our lake association, ALIC, proudly supports the 30 Mile River Watershed Association. And, for the past few years, we have also taken advantage of their Courtesy Boat Inspection program to help us to monitor the state boat launch in Wayne.

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